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Commercial & Residential Awning Installation & Repair in Orange County 

On this page, you will find all the different awning products and services that we offer to our Orange County clients.

"All Americans Awnings OC is the best.  I am installing solar at a client's house in Mission Viejo.  When my client requested a retractable awning I turned to the experts.  Kristy and Kent walked my client and me through the whole process and were super helpful  Installation was a breeze and reduces my client's HVAC usage.  I highly recommend All American Awnings and thank them for making me look good."

Eddie M. Awning Client from OC

Awning Client Testimonial

Our Client's Commercial & Residential Awning Projects in OC

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Commercial Awnings

Reliable and Affordable Commercial & Residential Awning Services in Orange County

Enjoy the sun protection, energy savings, and aesthetic benefits of your new awning.

Whether you’re looking to install a commercial or residential awning, Orange County Awnings can help you get the perfect fit. Not only will you be able to enjoy sun protection and energy savings from your new awning, but it will also provide an aesthetically pleasing look to your building. You’ll enjoy the savings for years to come, so contact us today for a free estimate!


Enhance the aesthetic of your business or residential building with custom Orange County awnings. Find out what options are available for both commercial and residential purposes, as well as learn about the many benefits that having an awning can provide.


An awning can provide you with sun protection both indoors and outdoors while also helping to reduce energy costs. During the summer months, an awning can keep your building cooler by blocking direct sunlight from entering through windows, reducing the need for air conditioning. During colder months awnings act as insulation, blocking wind that otherwise would enter your home or business and reducing the loss of warm air. Orange County Awnings provides quality custom-made awnings for both commercial and residential uses in Orange County. Our experienced team of designers and installers will make sure you get the perfect fit for your needs at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about how having an awning installed can benefit you.

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