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Different Awning Colors

Top Awning Colors You Should Consider for Your Sunshade

Are you getting an awning for your place but don’t know which color to go for? Don’t worry, since today we’ll go over the top awning colors for your place. Although colors are often overlooked, it is vital since choosing the wrong shade can make your awning susceptible to fading. Not only that, but opting […]

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Retractable Awning Problems

Retractable Awning Problems

When having a retractable awning by your side, you count on a feature of convenience and versatility. However, when not installed correctly, these awnings can give homeowners lots of different issues. That’s why today we’ll go over the most common retractable awning problems. If you’re a homeowner and your awning is starting to malfunction, there’s […]

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How to Clean an Awning on a House

How to Clean an Awning on a House

If you want to keep your awning in top-shape, then you’ll want to have it clean for the most part. That’s why today we’ll show you the right way in how to clean an awning on a house!  Having a dirty awning can bring the look of your home by a lot. Not only that […]

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Best Awning Cleaner

Best Awning Cleaner: Top 7 Choices for a Dirt-Free Canopy

Cleaning your awning is the primary key to longevity. After all, all homeowners would like to preserve their canopies from tear and wear. That’s why today, we brought you our top choices for when it comes to the best awning cleaner. Keep your canopy clean by using these products! Not only do you need to […]

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there different types of awnings to choose from

Guide to the Different Styles, Materials, and Types of Awnings

These days, there are many options when it comes to awnings. So, today, we’ll talk about the different types of awnings. Before moving forward, let’s define the word awning. What is an Awning? According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, an awning is a “secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building.” It is composed of […]

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Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Top 6 Benefits of Retractable Awnings for Your Place

When it comes to adding a feature that’ll protect your home from sun and rain, you can never go wrong with a retractable awning. That’s why today, we’ll share with you some top benefits of retractable awnings.  From reducing cooling costs to boosting your home’s curb appeal, this kind of coverage is usually a fantastic […]

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Two-Story Home with Fixed and Retractable Blue Awnings

Different Fabrics And Materials For Outdoor Awnings

Hot summer days are enjoyed to the max by installing residential awnings. Also, outdoor awnings are the perfect shelter against wind and rain. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of awning types, shapes, sizes, and materials. When it comes to the canvas, you can pick from different fabrics and materials for outdoor awnings. If you […]

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Fixed Awning Installed in the Balcony of a Home

Top 5 Benefits of Fixed Awnings

If you want to protect your business or home from the sun, one of the best ways to do it is by installing an awning. There are three different types of awnings: fixed, retractable, and motorized. But today, we’ll talk about the benefits of fixed awnings. Top 5 Benefits of Fixed Awnings [Create Beautiful & Efficient […]

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Retractable Awning Installed in Backyard near In-ground Pool—All American Awnings, INC.

The Best Blog about Awning Services: Learn from Our 34+ Years of Experience

Welcome to All American Awnings, INC., blog. In short, we are looking forward to teaching you all you need to know about our awning services. Since 1985 (34+ years), All American Awnings, INC., has protected and beautified the properties of many of our clients. We also have been successful in adding more outer relaxing and […]

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