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Security Shutters, in Newport Beach or anywhere else in Southern California, provide security, style, and are eco-friendly comfort as they help to keep your environment warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot.  For vacation homes or AirBnB rentals, these kinds of shutters are invaluable.  Protect your carpets drapes and furniture from color fading in the sun shining through a window.  When it’s August in Orange County, security shutters, drop rolls, sun shades are definitely the way to go from the Orange County summer sun.


Security Shutters come in a large array of colors and opacity.  American Awnings security shutters are fabricated to the exact specifications of the location where they will be installed.  The highest quality standards of both metallurgy and practical function go into every single security shutter we make.  E.g., our aluminum window shutter (pictured) is powder coated for maximum strength and longevity.  We make them to last forever so that we don’t have to come to your house or Orange County security window shutter needing business and repair or replace it for you same day at no charge.  Because all American Awnings products and installation come with a lifetime unconditional warranty.

(Interior view)

When security shutters are not necessarily guarding your Orange County home or business or protecting your interior from harmful UV rays from the sun, they are adding a gorgeous accent to your home.  It is something that can be appreciated from both inside and out.  Homes with shutters on the windows have a higher perceived market value.  They look great!

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