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The Best Awning Installation and Repair in Santa Ana, CA.   Just One Call Away!

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Top 7 Great Reasons Why You Must Get Our Awning Installation and Repair in Santa Ana, CA

1.    It will Increase the Beauty of Your Home

That's right.  With a custom awning you can make your home stand out in Santa Ana, CA. There are a variety of colors and awning designs that can fit and add beauty to any home design. 

A custom awning design will make your home more inviting and charming to the eyes of your neighborhood.

So you can quickly add to curb appeal by getting our services of awning installation and repair in Santa Ana, CA.  Call All American Awnings: 714-943-4591 and let our experts do their magic.

2.    It Allows You To Express Your Style

With a custom awning, you can choose the right colors, patterns and styles.  You'll feel proud of standing out by expressing your style.  Also, in these days, you can have a customized awning with your family name, your address or whatever phrase or design you want.

3.    You Can Install Awnings In Pretty Much Any Home Area

Today, there are many different types of awning styles .  As a result, you have  the fantastic opportunity to install awnings on many home areas.  For instance, you can install them on your patio decks, windows, entryways and virtually any area of your home.

Residential Shade Systems include, but are not limited to:

          1.  Doors (Stationary Awnings)

          2.  Patios/Decks  (Retractable Awnings)

          3.  Windows  (Clamshell awnings or Retractable awnings)

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4.    Awnings Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding an awning in areas like your deck or patio is a fantastic idea to enjoy your outdoor space to the max.

With our awning installation and repair in Santa Ana, CA, you will enjoy family gatherings and activities without interruptions. 

So, no matter if it is "raining cats and dogs" or if the sun is beaming, you will be able to make the most out of every special moment in your home outdoors.

5.    Block 98% Of Sun's Harmful UV Rays

Yeah!  We all love a beaming sun, but sometimes some shade is needed.  The sun's rays are damaging both to the living and inert things.  So, it's common knowledge that we need protection against the sun.  For instance, high exposure to the sun can increase the chance of skin cancer.  The UV rays can also cause fading to the floor, curtains/drapes and furniture in your home.

So, by hiring our awning experts to install a beautiful awning in your home, you will get a 98% protection from the sun's harmful effects.

6.    Create The Perfect Comfort Space

When getting our awning installation and repair in Santa Ana, CA, you can create the perfect comfort zone in your home exterior.  First of all you wont be concerned about your health, because you will be protected from sunlight  exposure.  Second, our shade systems will always make your outdoor space a more comfortable space.

We all know how uncomfortable it is to receive direct sunlight for a long time,.  But with our stylish and modern awnings, you can block the sun and enjoy your outdoor space to 110%.

7.    Do You Want To Save Energy = Money?

If your energy bills are too high, you can reduce your energy consumption by installing an awning.  By doing so, you'll save money, because your rooms will not gain a lot of heat from direct sunlight exposure. 


It has been shown that installing a window, patio, deck or entryway awning will reduce heat absorption by 77% .  So the temperature of your rooms will be moderate, which means that your air-conditioner wont have to work as hard as it used to.

Save money!   Get your awning installation and repairs in Santa Ana, CA from All American Awnings, Inc.  - one of the leading awning companies in California.  Over the last 34 years, All American Awnings has delivered perfect and prompt awning installation and repairs all over Orange County

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