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Categorically, we produce  two basic kinds of structures: Fixed (stationary) awnings and retractable awnings.  Patio-covers, domes, canopies, sail-shades etc., are all under the category of awnings.  Fixed awnings are those that do not move.  They are designed to remain in the shape in which they were built.  Retractable awnings are dynamic.  They are completely adjustable - between either completely open or completely closed - very much like a window, only most of our retractable products are motorized.  Remote control, motorized retractable patio-covers are where it's at!

Residential structures are built to the exact same quality specifications as commercial structures - only, commercial shade products tend to be much larger the average residential patio-cover.  All products are constructed with the highest standards and they are strongest, most color-fade resistant fabrics in the world.  Our products are guaranteed for as long as you own your home or business.

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Residential Fixed

 Alumawood is the most durable awning material in the world.  Colors are limited as compared with a fabric awning - fabric colors and patterns are unlimited. 

As  you can see, they both offer great utility and they both look great.  The choice is yours.

For a wider variety of examples, visit our gallery


Commercial Fixed

Commercial applications are available with or without graphics in virtually every style and combination that you would find in the residential sector.  The main difference is commercial applications tend to be much larger.



Retractable shade is the cat's meow.  Whether it is a retractable drop shade or sunscreen or an over head motorized retractable patio cover, a retractable window awning, retractable security shutter or retractable slide-on-wire, the functional utility provided by these types of  shade is the reason everyone who can have one has one.   There are many smart justifications for adding a patio awning to your home or business.



Commercial retractable structures come in a myriad of options.  Security Shutters and drop-screens are available in motorized versions.

The slide-on-wire is the most widely used form of retractable awnings for the utilitarian features it provides to accommodate  the wide ranging comfort needs of their patrons. All American Awnings, Inc. has a proud history of learning how to do the business right for generations

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