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Newport Beach Pier Circa 1974

All American Awnings


All American Awnings is a family owned business of skilled artisans now over 30 years.  I have been installing awnings since I was a teenager in Newport Beach.  Over the years I have learned many things about our business; none more valuable than these two edicts:  customer service and quality - in that order We are experts in the design, installation and repair of virtually every type of awning or canopy of shade.  We look forward to building a beautiful and functional awning for your home or business.

This is what the Newport Pier looked like when we started our business back in 1981.  I used to catch fish off that pier every summer with my dad.  A lot has changed since then, however at least one thing remains the same - the sun! In fact, the sun is much more intense today than it was in the eighties. All American Awnings is about designing, crafting, building and installing the most durable, functional and well made awnings in the world - so that you can protect your family, home and business from the harsh uv rays of the southern California sun.

Our products and workmanship are guaranteed for life!

We are proud supporters of orange county's first responders.  We couldn't live without them.  We salute you, and thank you.

All American Awnings, Inc. is the number 1 supplier of shade products in America

American made:

built to last  with a lifetime warranty. we can design, build or repair virtually any type of shade canopy.

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