Whether you’re cleaning your gutters or there’s a strong storm coming up, you’ll likely need to remove your awning. For this reason, we’ll show you how to remove canvas awnings properly.

How Often Should You Remove and Clean Canvas Awnings?

How Often Should You Remove Canvas Awnings

Awnings are a great feature to keep your home cool during those hot summer afternoons. However, there are certain instances where you’ll need to remove its fabric.

In most cases, homeowners tend to remove them when the colder seasons start to arrive. After all, if you don’t remove them during these months, then it’s very likely that this will degrade and rot the fabric faster.

Not only do you need to remove your awning’s fabric during the winter months, but you also need to remove it whenever there are major storms nearby. In other words, in case weather reports state that winds are expected to be more than 74 mph, then it’s best to remove canvas awnings safely.

Moreover, it’s common for homeowners to want to remove their awning whenever they wish to clean it. While you’re free to do so, you can also wash your awning without removing it. All you need to do is use a soft-bristled brush, lukewarm water,  and the right cleaning solution.

When you scrub the awning, be sure to use circular motions to remove bird droppings. Also, it’s always a good idea to monthly remove any debris from the awning using a broom. Furthermore, refrain from using chlorine bleach since it can damage the fabric. Lastly, you can use a garden hose to rinse your awning.

If you’re looking to remove your awning, you’ll need to know that there are two main ways to do so. That’s why we’ll go over how to remove canvas awnings for both fixed and retractable settings.

How to Remove Canvas Awnings for Fixed Presentations

How to Remove Fabric from Fixed Awnings

First, we will show you the right way of taking off fabric from a fixed canvas awning. You’ll need the help of another person if you want a faster removal.

Follow these steps when looking to remove a fixed awning:

  • Untie and loosen the lacing from both wings.
  • Unlace the front part of your awning
  • Loosen up the velcro sleeves and head rod.
  • Return the head rod to the track and hand-tight the nuts
  • Fold the fabric and store it.

Untie and Loosen the Lacing from Both Wings

Start by untying the knot from the end of the wing that’s nearest to the house. Then, pull out the lacing until you reach the end. Also, do not untie the rope from the awning. Instead, toss it on top of your awning.

Repeat the same process on the other side of the awning. Just like the first wing, do not untie the rope from awning the end. Then, toss the strings on the awning’s roof.

Unlace the Front Part of Your Awning

Then, be sure to untie and loosen up the front part of the awning. When doing so, you’ll want to start from the center. Moreover, just like you did when unlacing the rope on the awning’s sides, do not untie the string from the ends of the awning.

Loosen Up the Velcro Sleeves and Head Rod

After unlacing the ropes, you’ll want to loosen the velcro sleeves and head rod that’s located adjacent to your home’s wall. When removing the head rod, you’ll want to use a socket for the nuts and finger tabs. Finally, remove the head rod from the fabric.

Return the Head Rod to the Track and Hand-Tight the Nuts

After removing the fabric from the head rod, be sure to place it back to the track for storage. You can hand tighten the nuts for more security.

Fold the Fabric and Store It

Lastly, you’ll want to fold the awning while you’re taking it down. Use a ladder to reach your awning’s farthest end of the house.  You’ll also want to use the help of a friend to fold both sides simultaneously.

Fold the fabric starting from front to back to make the process smoother. Lastly, after finishing folding from both ends to the center.

When storing the fabric, be sure to use its designated bag and place it in a dry area. That way, you can be confident that there won’t be any rotting of the fabric. Moreover, you’ll want to place the cloth in a rodent-free place.

Steps in How to Remove Retractable Canvas Awnings

Storing Canvas from Retractable Awning

In case you’re counting on a retractable awning, you’ll notice that most of the steps we explained before won’t apply much to your scenario. Don’t worry, since we’ll also show you a fool-proof way in removing the canvas from a retractable awning as well.

For retractable settings, here are 5 steps in how to remove canvas awnings:

  • Retract the awning and remove the end covers.
  • Loosen stop clamps and remove the awning valance.
  • Secure both arms and unroll the fabric.
  • Remove the stop clamp from the front bar and pull the fabric through.

Retract the Awning and Remove the End Covers

Start by retracting the awning. When it’s at a resting position, you’ll see that the fabric is slid into a groove in the awning’s channel. At the end of this groove, you’ll likely notice there’s a feature that prevents the fabric from sliding out. These are the stop clamps.

However, we’ll deal with the stop clamps later on. First, you’ll want to get a screwdriver to remove one of the awning’s end covers. Be sure to remove the end cover that’s furthest to the manual crank.

Loosen Stop Clamps and Remove the Awning Valance

After removing the end cover, you can now remove the stop clamps carefully. When removing them, be careful not to lose them since they are tiny. Finally, after getting rid of the clamps, you can now proceed by taking out the valance fabric of your awning.

Secure Both Arms and Unroll the Fabric

Now that you’ve successfully removed the end cover, the stop clamps, and the valance, it’s time to unroll the fabric itself.

Before unrolling anything, be sure to secure both arms of your awning by using a rope and tying it at both ends. That way, the awning will stay in place while you do the unrolling.

Then, it’s time to unroll the fabric. You can either use your awning’s remote to unroll it or the manual override option. Make sure to unroll the fabric slowly.

Remove the Stop Clamp from the Front Bar and Pull the Fabric Through

When unrolling the fabric and you start seeing the main roller, stop the awning when the central groove is a little bit over the front bar. Then, remove the stop clamp that’s on the front bar. Finally, pull the fabric through the channel.

By knowing the right way in how to remove canvas awnings, you’ll be able to store yours in time for this year! Remember that if you notice any irregularities, contact a professional technician to fix them right away!