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Encino.  This is the city and former home of Michael Jackson.  He lived just up the street in a beautiful house with motorized retractable awnings on every side.  That Encino home of the Jacksons featured a spacious backyard pool shaded by a motorized retractable patio cover.  The Jacksons were particularly concerned about pool-safety - which is why their pool had a motorized retractable pool-cover to make sure that if anyone ever fell into the pool, they wouldn't even get wet.  Michael loved to play in the pool, but he was, by no stretch of the measure, a swimmer.  That pool-cover was good parenting.  Whoever installed their awnings did a great job.  They still look fantastic to this day .

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Top 3 Reason For A Motorized Retractable Patio Cover In Encino

Retractable patio covers and retractable awnings continue to be the single smartest addition to the exterior of a home which pays for itself moving forward.  There are 3 reasons for having a retractable patio cover upon which everyone can agree:

  •      Increased functional use of the outdoor space around your home

  •      Significantly reduces energy costs

  •      Prolongs the color density and fabric strength of furniture both inside and out

Beyond that, motorized retractable patio covers, awnings, canopies, drop-screens, and slide-on-wire make your home look even more expensive than it already is.  The utility of retractable slide-on-wire is unsurpassed



  • Customers who are waiting to come inside the store are shielded from the weather

  • Birds will poop on your awning and not on your customers

  • Greater street visibility, because the  six feet that the awning protrudes from the building adds 37% greater visibility at 250'

  • Stylish accent to the curb-appeal of your business

  • Provides a giant billboard upon which you can write whatever you want - like your phone number                  

The reason for a stationary  or "fixed" awning or canopy of shade is to sustain a semi-permanent block of the sun for decorative or for healthy growth and development of people or plants.  Therefore, whomever or whatever is below a fixed awning is safe from exposure to direct sunlight and worry free of things that might otherwise fall from above such as leaves and bird poop.  If you need to have more flexibility regarding the adjusting of the shade itself, look at our line of retractable shade products.

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