Hot summer days are enjoyed to the max by installing residential awnings. Also, outdoor awnings are the perfect shelter against wind and rain. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of awning types, shapes, sizes, and materials. When it comes to the canvas, you can pick from different fabrics and materials for outdoor awnings.

If you don’t know what material is best for you, this article will clarify your doubts. In case your home is located nearby the beach, you must install awnings that are resistant to abrasion due to salt. Now let’s see what the best awning fabrics and materials are.

Know About the Different Fabrics and Materials for Outdoor Awnings

Enjoy the Good Aesthetics of Acrylic Fabrics 

Beautiful Acrylic Awning in Home Patio

That’s right; one of the best fabrics for outdoor awnings is acrylic. First of all, a piece of acrylic fabric offers aesthetic softness and elegance. Besides, it’s an excellent performer. This fabric is usually heavy and can be translucent.

You, as a homeowner, can choose your fabric from 100% acrylic, polyester coated acrylic, and cotton-polyester blend coated with acrylic.

This awning fabric works perfectly in places withhigh humidity, and it has excellent resistance to mildew. So, you don’t have to worry since an acrylic canvas does a superior work repelling water.

But what about the sun’s UV rays? Well, this material offers excellent resistance to UV rays effect. Thus, you can have peace of mind since your loved ones and property will get the protection they deserve.

Also, it does allow hot air and moisture to escape, keeping your loved ones comfy and happy.

Without a doubt, from the different fabrics for outdoor awnings, the acrylic fabric is one of the best options.

Besides looking great and doing its job above average, an acrylic canvas is exceptionally durable. Most of the acrylic fabrics come with a 5-to-10-year warranty. So, you’ll getprotection against the sun and rain for a long time.

One thing we should tell you is that acrylic fabrics tend to expand and shrink in hot and cold weather, respectively.

Get Stain Resistant and Low Maintenance Vinyl Fabrics 

Two-Story Home with Fixed and Retractable Green Vinyl Awnings

Nowadays, you can choose from different fabrics and materials for outdoor awnings. Some of the best options are vinyl fabrics.

There are two types of vinyl fabrics for outdoor awnings: laminated and coated.

Laminated Vinyl Fabric

Let’s start talking about laminated vinyl fabrics. This type is the standard awning fabric. Some of the best characteristics of vinyl laminated fabrics are its strength, waterproofing, wrinkle resistance, and durability.

Other benefits of vinyl laminated fabrics are that they are resistant to UV light, high humidity, and mildew/mold growth.

You can find this type of fabric in solid colors, stripes, and even custom designs.

Coated Vinyl Fabric

Coated vinyl polyester has a thinner protective layer, which means that it’s less waterproof. We don’t advise to install an awning with this type of fabric in humid climates.

One of the best things about coated vinyl is that it’s stain resistant. This characteristic comes in handy during the spring and fall when awnings get a lot of humidity plus fallen leaves and debris.

This type of fabric offers greater transparency, which is perfect for having illuminated spaces.

The only disadvantage is that coated vinyl fabrics come in a limited range of colors and styles when compared to laminated vinyl fabrics and acrylic fabrics.

Generally speaking, vinyl fabrics are easy to maintain, and they are lasting.

One of the drawbacks of vinyl fabrics is that they are not breathable. Thus, they don’t let the hot and humid air trapped inside escape.

Also, vinyl fabrics aren’t as flexible as other awning fabrics. Thus, we don’t recommend installing them in windy areas.

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Sometimes, it’s hard to make a decision when looking at the different fabrics and materials for outdoor awnings. But we are sure that now you have a better understanding of the many options available.

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Reap Off All the Pros of Polyester Fabrics

When talking about the different fabrics and materials for outdoor awnings, polyester fabrics stand out. This fabric is a superb material option for your home awning.

First of all, these awnings are waterproof, and they protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effectsof ultraviolet light.

Also, one of the most practical benefits of polyester awning fabrics is that they come in many colors and designs. They are available in stripes, solid colors, and even custom patterns. So, you’ll always find options to fit your home style.

Polyester fabrics are durable, quick-drying, and wrinkle resistant.

Some other polyester fabrics are laminatedwith vinyl. These fabrics are highly translucent, so they are ideal for backlighting.

Some of the benefits of vinyl-laminated polyester fabrics are that they areresistant to mildew, water, and UV light. Thus, this type of fabric is ideal for highly humid regions.

Last but not least, polyester fabrics can last from 5 to 10 years. So, in other words, your loved ones and your house will stay protected from UV rays and heat.

Most of the different fabrics and materials for outdoor awnings do an excellent job keeping your electric bills low. Thus, in the long run, they create excellent savings.