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Valla Properties Corona Del Mar, California

All American Awnings is the best of the best awning contractors in the state of California.  If the price of gas and the cost of food never has much of an impact on your life, you may be the typical Corona Del Mar resident.  This community reeks of success.  Beautiful cars pretty people are all over the place in this drop dead gorgeous community. But just like everyone else in southern California, they need a way to stay out of the sun.  When they come home from spending a sunny day at Big Bear or a Chargers game, Corona Del Mar homeowners want the  comfort of the shade of the afternoon sun.  This is why so may homes is Corona Del Mar have awnings on them.  The people of Corona Del Mar know that awnings are not only the way to go for shade around their property, but that awnings improve the curb appeal of their homes as well.  Corona Del Mar awnings, Corona Del Mar drop rolls, and Corona Del Mar slide-on wire covered patios,  are theirs to share and enjoy for a life time.   All American Awnings, Inc. has fabricated and installed gorgeous, durable, value adding awnings to thousands of homes schools and businesses in Corona Del Mar.  The team at All American Awnings, Inc. will custom tailor your Corona Del Mar awnings to fit the exact needs of function and cosmetic appearance saving you energy which saves you money.  Awnings are a great investment into your home of business.    All American Awnings, Inc. has a stellar, unsurpassed history of providing only the best quality of materials and workmanship anywhere in the industry.  This is why most of our jobs are repeat business and referrals.


From simple installation or recovering of fixed awnings covering a single window to drop-rolls, retractable, slide-on-wire, security shutters, Alumawood, sails, covers, pergolas, cabanas, gazebos and virtually any type of shade or awning you can think of either manual or motorized is what we have been doing at All American awnings, Inc for over 35 years.


We are the number one client of Sunbrella and can provide you with just about any color or pattern you desire.  This is because we have been doing business with Sunbrella for over 25 years. 


To see some of the Sunbrella Fabrics for yourself,                         Click the Sunbrella logo           




Commercial and Residential Awnings Near Corona Del Mar

corona del mar state beach.jpg

Here are the intense UV rays of Corona Del Mar

As you move around the town of Corona Del Mar, our 35 years of excellence in fabrication design and installation is literally unavoidable.  Our work is well represented on every block of the downtown.  Especially now - during the era of Covid-19, everyone is opting to be outdoors in the fresh air.  Awnings assist greatly to provide necessary shade not provided by the trees.   If you are in the area to surf or shop for awnings near Corona Del Mar, simply Google, “Corona Del Mar” and you should find us in the page - or go to our website directly @ .


Corona Del Mar awnings save you a lot of money in a lot of ways.  The cost of skin- cancer is immeasurable.  If you spend a lot of time in your yard under the sun, awnings can help to prevent sun-related skin disorders and cancer.  Another savings would be, you will not have to have your furniture reupholstered due to sun damage if you have sun shades, drop-rolls or retractable awnings in front of the sun side windows of your Corona Del Mar home or business.   If you block the sun from entering your home with a Corona Del Mar awning made by All American Awnings, Inc., then you will significantly decrease the “greenhouse” affect and greatly reduce your energy bills.  Awnings also assist with the containment of heat in the winter.   Awnings also increase both the curb and over-all appeal of your Corona Del Mar home.  Remember, never underestimate the value of awnings near Corona Del Mar.  All American Awnings, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and 10 years on fabric.

Residential and Commercial Fixed Awnings Corona Del Mar, California

IMG_0432 (2).JPG
Keep in mind that “price” is a one-time thing.  “Cost” is a lifetime thing.  It’s usually better to pay a little more than you planned than to spend a little less than you should.   We may not be the cheapest investment on the block, but we are the best value in the industry.  Cutting-corners on a Corona Del Mar Awnings product that is constantly subjected to the dynamics of Mother Nature is an oversight with predictable consequences.  A quality awning should outlast your oldest baseball glove.  Measure twice, cut once and do it right the first time every time. 

You dream it – we will build it for you.  If your needs are simple, consultation takes but an hour.  If you need to leverage our vast experience in custom design and installation, we are here for that as well.  This is what makes All American Awnings Inc. stand alone.  It is our people.  The people at All American Awnings, Inc. are our greatest asset.  As a team, our people are what makes us different than every other company in this industry.  Search Google for "Corona Del Mar awnings" or "Awnings near Corona Del Mar" and you will find us listed at the top of the page.


The best fabric is the best fabric.  We are not the only customer of Sunbrella and other industry suppliers.  Quality fabrication is quality fabrication, i.e., high quality fabric, thread, sewing, metals, fasteners, rivets, welding and powder-coating just to keep it simple.  Those are components that are available to most of the awning companies in southern California.  Listening, however, is where we stand apart.  Actively listening to the specific needs of our clients is the very reason we get the job done right the first time and it is the reason we are always treated to referrals and repeat business. 

Residential, Commercial Retractable Window Awnings Corona Del Mar, California

Stable retracting awning in wind over 50 mph 
Corona Del Mar shade has an average annual temperature of 76 degrees.  That means, there are a few days when it is cooler in the winter (50s and 60s) yet most of the time the sun is shining brightly.  These are motorized retractable awnings.
awnings on sun side of home.jpg
Corona Del Mar awnings on the sun side of your beautiful home
As you can see, the value of awnings goes way beyond the practical.  Look at the beautiful accent the house adds to your gorgeous Corona Del Mar awnings.  These awnings will last a lifetime.  Customers who own homes like this settle for nothing but the very best.   When you’re looking for quality to match your home, All American Awnings is the company of choice. .  Just like our name, we are All American made right here in Santa Ana, California.  714-943-4591.

Residential and Commercial Awning Recovers Corona Del Mar, California


As well, “we fix bad hair-cuts” - Laugh out loud.  That means we repair the workmanship of others who have fabricated, installed or both, awnings near Corona Del Mar for home or business. Corona Del Mar recovers are a smart fiscally-conscientious way to get the high-quality look, feel and longevity of a pre-existing awning or canopy.   Don’t be led to believe that a weather tear in the fabric can be repaired.   It cannot.  Shreds, by sharp object, worn out over time, or due to flapping in the wind – like a flag, require recovering.  The good news is the recover will last as long as you own your address.  We guarantee it!  Rest assured, if your current Corona Del Mar awnings need only to be refurbished – which can save you thousands – we will point you in that direction.  At All American Awnings, Inc., character counts.

Residential and Commercial Aluminum Patio Shades Corona Del Mar, California


Alumawood is by far the most durable of awning or shade materials.  It is impervious to weather from freezing at Big Bear to the hottest summers in Palm Springs. Corona Del Mar Alumawood patio covers for your beautiful home or business are very popular, especially with retractable awnings or slide-on-wire. Both offer great utility as you can open gradually as much as you want.  Slide-on-wire is not rain resistant as is a retractable fabric awning.  Fire resistant fabrics are available for all products by request.

One of the smartest and most popular ideas for shade in your back yard is the extension of a fixed or retractable awning over your  patio or porch.  These additions are weather resistant and protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun.   As with all of our products, Corona Del Mar patio covers are available in a plethora of styles, patterns and colors.


Residential and Commercial Drop Roll Window Shades  Corona Del Mar, California

drop roll-sunscreen (1).jpg
2020-03-21 (1).png

Corona Del Mar drop roll shades offer a great deal of utility and they have safety sensors to keep them from rolling down on someone’s head or from something else that is not receptive to an awning pressing down on it. 

Drop rolls are among the most popular and affordable way to block direct sunlight.  Drop rolls are available in every color, and the size can be custom tailored to fit any space.  Drop rolls are available in either manual (crank) or electric (either wall switch or remote).  

13 (3).jpg

Residential and Commercial Cabanas Near Corona Del Mar, California

Open Cabana

Corona Del Mar Cabanas made in America by All American Awnings, Inc. have always been a cosmetically sharp, utilitarian accent to any backyard. 

Use it to play cards with friends, have drinks and watch the game, meditate or relax with your favorite media. 


The size and shape of Corona Del Mar cabanas is almost unique as the customers for whom they are designed.  With durable, adjustable curtains that tie off or close completely, you will be cozy outdoors in the rain. 


We have a huge selection of cabanas from which to choose.  Browse our inventory of styles:

Poolside Cabana closed on two sides
Gorgeous Black Cabana
Two color large  cabana 

Residential and Commercial Sail Shades Corona Del Mar, California

Public Park Sail Shade near Corona Del Mar, California

All American Awnings Inc. is a charter member of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce.  We have been installing shade over playgrounds and park facilities for 30 years.  Today, sail shades have become the choice of Park & Recs in the know.  Sails offer a great deal of coverage and they go a long way to protect the park-goers from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as keeping the slides and bars cool to the touch.  It also gives people the opportunity to use the facility longer without having to worry about bird-droppings on the apparatus. 


Corona Del Mar Sail Shades in particular are perfect for covering sensitive outdoor equipment from the top down elements as well as providing up to 23.77% cooler environment beneath the canopy of shade.  Our sail shades are available in every color of the rainbow.  All of our sail shades are custom tailored for your specific needs.

Residential and Commercial Slide-on-Wire Corona Del Mar, California

639604240 (3) - Copy.jpg
Alumawood with slide-on-wire
Corona Del Mar, California slide-on-wire at your restaurant

Corona Del Mar slide-on-wire is probably the most widely used method of providing shade for the outdoor customers of businesses anywhere in the United States.  The reason is simple; utility!  Because they are set up in rows of  slide-able canopy, slide-on-wire can be used to custom tailor sun exposure or shade as needed.  Slide-on wire is not designed for inclement weather.  Slide-on-wire can be used in conjunction with Alumawood frames as well.  

Residential and Commercial Security Shutters Corona Del Mar, California

One thing is for certain.  It is better to have security shutters and not need them than it is to need security shutter and not have them.  Most security shutters are custom tailored to the space they are securing and they are specifically designed to keep what ever is behind them safe.  Keep things from blowing into your windows during weather storms.  All American Awnings security shutters are made of the most durable material, so you can expect them to last forever.

shutter 1.jpg
Home Security Shutters Corona Del Mar
shutter 2.jpg
Security Shutters Orange County
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Commercial Security Shutters Anaheim, California