The Science of Quality

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The Anatomy of Quality

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Just as a goal is but a dream with a deadline, quality is a mentality rendered in science.  Cutting corners and high quality do not make good bedfellows.  Cutting corners is a mentality in practice.  Science never cuts corners - only people do.

At All American Awnings, Inc. we never cut corners, and we demand the same high-quality mentality and standards of our suppliers.  Our lifetime guarantee depends upon it.


Interdependent things and processes are only as good as their weakest link.  Thread is mission critical to the fabrication process.

Keep in mind that “price” is a one-time thing.  “Cost” is a lifetime thing.  It’s usually better to pay a little more than you planned than to spend a little less than you should.   We may not be the cheapest investment on the block, but we are the best value in the industry.  Cutting-corners on a Laguna Hills Awnings product that is constantly subjected to the dynamics of Mother Nature is an oversight with predictable consequences.  A quality awning should outlast your oldest baseball glove.  Measure twice, cut once and do it right the first time every time. 


Stable retracting awning in wind over 50 mph 
Mission Viejo awnings on the sun side of your beautiful home



Powder Coating

Sun, Wind, Rain & Sea Salt Air

Poolside Cabana closed on two sides
Two color large  cabana 


Public Park Sail Shade near Laguna Hills, California

All American Awnings Inc. is a charter member of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce.  We have been installing shade over playgrounds and park facilities for 30 years.  Today, sail shades have become the choice of Park & Recs in the know.  Sails offer a great deal of coverage and they go a long way to protect the park-goers from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as keeping the slides and bars cool to the touch.  It also gives people the opportunity to use the facility longer without having to worry about bird-droppings on the apparatus. 


Laguna Hills Sail Shades in particular are perfect for covering sensitive outdoor equipment from the top down elements as well as providing up to 23.77% cooler environment beneath the canopy of shade.  Our sail shades are available in every color of the rainbow.  All of our sail shades are custom tailored for your specific needs.


Alumawood with slide-on-wire
Corona Del Mar, California slide-on-wire at your restaurant

Corona Del Mar slide-on-wire is probably the most widely used method of providing shade for the outdoor customers of businesses anywhere in the United States.  The reason is simple; utility!  Because they are set up in rows of  slide-able canopy, slide-on-wire can be used to custom tailor sun exposure or shade as needed.  Slide-on wire is not designed for inclement weather.  Slide-on-wire can be used in conjunction with Alumawood frames as well.  

Spot Welding

One thing is for certain.  It is better to have security shutters and not need them than it is to need security shutter and not have them.  Most security shutters are custom tailored to the space they are securing and they are specifically designed to keep what ever is behind them safe.  Keep things from blowing into your windows during weather storms.  All American Awnings security shutters are made of the most durable material, so you can expect them to last forever.

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