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Commercial Awnings anywhere in Orange County , Riverside County

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Commercial Awning in Santa Ana CA

Commercial Awning in Santa Ana CA : Beautify your business!

If you don't have an awning in your business, you're missing out on many things.  Even though an awning installation might seem like a simple addition it offers unique advantages and above all, business opportunities.  Enjoy all the benefits by hiring the best awning company in Santa Ana CA and anywhere else in Orange or Riverside County.

When looking for commercial awnings in Santa Ana, CA, you should trust your projects to All American Awnings, Inc.  Over the last 34 years, we haven't spared any efforts to deliver exceptional and appealing results,   There are many companies from which to choose.  If you're located anywhere in Orange County or Riverside County, All American Awnings Inc. is the choice of smart people in the know.

We offer you a great variety of awnings.  also, we are the ideal team to help you with:

            *  Awning Consultation

            *  Awning Installation

            *  Awning Repair

When it comes to awning services, we make sure to give you the best results and the warmest and most efficient customer service.

Commercial Awning Company in Santa Ana:  Helping You To  Attract More Clients

1.    Hook Your Clients' Attention with A Beautiful Awning

Awnings can add that beautiful touch to your business exterior; and we know how vital your business appearance is.

Thus, when getting a brand new commercial awning, we'll make sure your business stands out to potential clients who are driving or walking nearby.

As you know, an awnings gives you an advantageous chance to promote your company brand.

To have the best return on investment, you can customize your awning portraying your company's logo, colors and catchy phrases.  In short, a commercial awning is a fantastic means  of advertising.

So as a business owner, you must make sure to create the best first impressions of your business.  One way to do it is to standout with a beautiful and customized awning.

What you want is for people to see your name from afar and feel comfortable doing business with you.

Trust our expertise.  Give us a call today.  In exchange, you will get one of the most beautiful and affordable awnings from the best commercial awning company in Santa Ana, CA All American Awnings, Inc. is one of the most trusted awning and shade companies in Orange County, Riverside County  and all of southern California.

Our Awnings Will Welcome  and Keep Your Clients Comfortable

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Awnings offer that sense of shelter and friendly environment which entices people to do business with you.

In a sunny state like California, your clients will need some sun protection when they are inside your business.  Thus, hiring a commercial awning company in Santa Ana CA to do an awning installation is a smart investment.  You'll keep your clients comfortable within your business during hot afternoons.

If your clients spend more time in your building, that means an excellent chance to do more business with them.  Just imagine you're in a restaurant and your table is getting a lot of sun rays.  You wont stay in the restaurant for long since you'll be uncomfortable.

So by getting our services of awning installation, you'll ensure your guests remain comfortable inside your building.  This level of comfort will entice clients to stay longer in your business, creating you the chance to make more revenue.  

2.    Increase Your Business Visibility With Our Awnings

Through visibility a commercial awning will attract more traffic to your business.  

Awning signs are more noticeable than window signs.  For instance, people can gaze and notice your business name and signs from blocks away.  Ads on your commercial awnings are more prominent and are more noticeable , because they are up higher than window ads.  

So our advice is that you take the advantage and install a commercial awnings in Santa Ana, CA as a means of advertising for your company.

No matter if you own a restaurant, an office building or a retail business, we can customize the color, size and structure of your commercial awning.  

Also, we use the right materials to protect your business exterior and appeal to the eyes of your clients.  

Make sure you get all the befits by installing your commercial awnings with All American Awnings, Inc. in Santa Ana, CA - the best commercial awning company in Orange County, Riverside County and coming to a theater near you in both Los Angeles County and San Diego County.

3.    Last But Not Least.  Awnings Cut Energy Costs


Best of all, you'll lower the cost of your business operations, because commercial awnings are designed to reduce energy costs while protecting your property from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

So, they don't just catch the eye of the customers, they also offer significant energy savings for your business.  

With All American Awnings, we'll block the sun rays, reducing the heat gain, thjus keeping your interiors at a lower temperature.

Now; if you want to learn more about your options when it comes to commercial awnings in Santa Ana, CA or anywhere else in the counties of Orange and Riverside, continue reading below.

There are three main awning types:

Fixed Awnings


This is an awning that is mounted/attached to an exterior wall.  This awning will create a permanent shelter, but you need to hire experts to install it.

A fixed awning will withstand the impact of strong winds.  So trusting its installation to professional will ensure that your investment lasts.

Retractable Awnings

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Without doubts, this is the most popular awning type.

If it is windy outside, you can roll or fold it at will.  This will prevent your awning from tearing down,  If you want to enjoy the sunlight, you can roll up your awning anytime you want.  

Motorized  Awnings


These awnings function with an electronic motorized mechanism.  Because they are automatic and have sensors to monitor the weather, they are the best option for commercial awnings.   


So, they will automatically deploy the awning when it is sunny, and can retract itself when the wind is dangerously high.  This is just smart. 

They can operate with a remote, programmed or with a manual crank.

So you can see, when it comes to commercial awnings in Santa Ana, CA look no further than All American Awnings, Inc.  You will get fantastic benefits including a lifetime warranty!  You certainly will attract more customers while keeping your energy costs down.

There are many types of commercial awnings from which to choose.  This is where our expert consultants come in handy at no additional charge.  They will help you find an awning solution to your shade-related  issue.  Our consultations are free.

We will make sure that you get the best  benefits available when you have your commercial awning installed by All American Awnings, Inc. located in Santa Ana and servicing  business communities from West Los Angeles to Palm Desert.

All American Awnings is , hands-down, the best commercial awning company in Orange County, Riverside County.

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