American Made In The Retractable Shade

                                       A  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TALE

        ORANGE COUNTY – Motorized Retractable Patio Covers  - Don't Go Home Without 'em

Did you ever notice the relationship between the words, “patriot” and “patron”?  Do you suppose that’s an accident – a coincidence; maybe natural similarity in the Greek or French etymology of the words?  I don’t know either.  What I do know is that the two words go together like peanut-butter & Jelly, because that is exactly the relationship they have. 

“Buy American” is not just a slogan.  It is a choice; and for All American Awnings, Inc.,  in Santa Ana, it is our very first choice.  All American Awnings, Inc. is one of the largest and oldest retractable awnings companies is Orange County California.  As a family-owned business, the company has done well.  You can even say they have it “American made in the shade” – including a wife, 3 children, 2 dogs, a white picket fence and a Ford F-250 truck parked right next to the boat in the garage.

All American Awnings, Inc. represents the gold standard of quality in the retractable patio covers industry.   For Orange County home owners, these utilitarian accents to their home doesn’t get any better.  Irvine commercial applications of retractable shade, whether it be retractable slide-on-wire or retractable awnings in Irvine are built to last forever, and you can see them in city center, and all around the UC Irvine campus.  Keep in mind, all of our Sunbrella UV resistant fabric products can be used together with AlumawoodAlumawood patio covers  are not new.  Alumawood is a space-age material that quite some time ago became the industry standard alternative to actual retractable aluminum awnings.  Aluminum awnings are lighter in weight and even though retractable awning structures such as car ports, commercial retractable canopies or retractable patio covers that in the old days made sense to be constructed of aluminum now have the option of getting the relative light weight (although Alumawood is actually heavier) and the same durability in the weather, but a far greater strength component in the Alumawood, making it perfect for Newport Beach where the wind is constantly blowing sail boats all around the Newport Coast.



                                                                                          Surf is always up in Newport Beach


NEWPORT BEACH –  Motorized Retractable Patio Covers At A Surfer’s Paradise

Surf much?  These guys do.  They spend most of the morning bobbing around in the ocean like a buoy for hours.  Their skin, even though most of their bodies are covered by a wetsuit, are, none-the-less, subjected to a reflection of sunlight off the water that is every bit as intense as skiing at Mammoth Mountain or laying-out in the Palm Springs summer sun.  After a morning of absorbing UV rays like a sponge, surfers generally head home, discard their suits, shower up, scarf down a ton of food and then sit out on their ocean-view patios under a Sunbrella patio cover, roasting shrubs and polishing hurts.

Just a few streets off the beach in Newport, you can see dozens of examples of All American Awnings, Inc. retractable shade structures products on the business streets and in the residential communities of Newport CoastRetractable Awnings are an added essential to just about every home in Newport Beach.  Because of that special airborne concoction of UV rays from the sun and heavy salt-filled sea air everything that remains outdoors is subject to color fade.

Motorized retractable patio covers as mentioned in just about every article on the subject of shade are a must for motor- homes traveling the Orange Coast or more often you will see them used just outside the sliding glass doors of your Anaheim Hills home which lead to a year-‘round functional patio. Unlike Los Angeles where a lot of people use retractable shade for security, the residents of places like, San Clemente, Dana Point or  Pasadena (San Moreno actually) look for a sexy curb-appeal coupled with a sharing of the sun’s rays rather than blocking them out altogether.  

All American Awnings, Inc. has locations all over the southland to serve you.  So, there is always one of our facilities ready to install “retractable shade near me” or near you, as it were.  Santa Monica is very close to our fabrication facility where we actually put Sunbrella retractable patio covers fabric together with powder-coated aluminum awnings or attach that Sunbrella fabric directly to Alumawood.  You can see these kinds of super high quality retractable awnings on the Santa Monica pier.  Similar to the weather on the Newport Coast, the stationary awnings, the motorized retractable drop screens, window coverings on the Santa Monica pier and in the communities only 10 or 20 miles away, e.g., Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Del Mar or Malibu, the need for quality in durable Sunbrella  Retractable Patio Covers is mission critical to the protection and comfort of the millions of tourists that visit the Santa Monica pier every year.


BEVERLY HILLS – Motorized Retractable Awnings on Rodeo Drive

                                                                                    Rodeo Drive     Beverly Hills, California      -Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times


Beverly Hills, very much like Irvine and Fashion Island is a very exclusive community.  The city has a police department that is both so utterly meticulous and fearsome of the litigious DNA of its local residents, that a movie made about them called, “Beverly Hills Cops”.  Look at the retractable patio covers, retractable awnings and retractable shade structures at the Beverly Hills Police Department.  Retractable awnings in Beverly Hills is no less expensive than anywhere else in southern California.  The real cost of a retractable patio cover or retractable awning in Los Angeles County is the cost of not having it. So, if you live in 90210 and you do not have shade coverings on your home, call All American Awnings,  Inc. 714-943-4591 and get awnings made with the same quality standards as your Beverly Hills home.  Even if you don’t like the added look of a Beverly Hills Hills awning or slide-on-wire in Beverly Park Estates or even a retractable drop-screen in Bel Air affixed to your home like an afterthought; you must admit that having a remote control, motorized retractable window shade located outside your bedroom window to let in the Sunday morning sun is sexy as hell, even if you’re married.

FULLERTON HILLS – The Motorized Retractable Patio Covers of the Titans


                                                                                       Cal State Fullerton Titans baseball team    - Photo courtesy of Cal State Omaha

Many Californians have lived in several southern California cities.  Born in Yorba Linda moved to Fullerton Hills when dad took a government job producing canvas fabric material for military applications.  Fullerton Hills was really nice and it wasn’t too far to go see the best college baseball team in the country, the Cal state Fullerton, Titans.  We went to a game once and it started to rain really hard, so the grounds-keepers at Cal State Fullerton Hills rolled a retractable canvas tarp over the infield – just like they do at Angel’s stadium.  It looks like a sail-shade or a gigantic retractable patio cover - only it’s lying flat on the ground. 

When the new president was elected, that family moved to San Clemente so that the parents could be close to the military base.  There were so many retractable canopies on the military base.  Dad, and the people he supervised, built many large retractable awnings for businesses in Los Angeles, San Diego, Mira Mar, Malibu, San Juan Capistrano and Santa Monica.  Lived there for about a year and a half then mom was hired on as a seamstress at a company in Costa Mesa that made canvas retractable patio covers for exotic sail boats.  It seemed like the family was destined for the made by the retractable shade business.  Many of the retractable patio covers and Alumawood awnings on the campuses of college and universities in southern California are solely Alumawood or they are fabric shade coverings that are supported by AlumawoodAlumawood is a great investment, because it really will look just like it did when you bought it 20 years later whether it was installed in Palm Springs or the North Pole.

WEST LOS ANGELES – Motorized Retractable Patio Covers Over Westwood

                                                                                       UCLA Bruins Men's Basketball Team    - photo courtesy of ESPN

When dad got accepted to UCLA to begin work on a master’s degree in chemical engineering, the family moved to Los Angeles where the family became UCLA Bruin fans over-night, because that  home was in Westwood, CA and UCLA this and that were unavoidable.  So too were some of the co0eds.  It seemed everyone there either owned a store with a retractable drop screen or retractable security shutter in front of it, or a student at UCLA.  It wasn’t long before dad got distracted by one of the UCLA undergrads and he failed to continue with the Master’s degree thing.  In fact, that undergrad was so distracting for dad, that he forgot to come home a few times - and that didn’t sit well with the family pet, Balto.  Balto was the family dog – a mut who loved to lay in the shade of a motorized retractable patio cover in the back yard of that Sherman Oaks home.  I said, Westwood, but that house was actually in Sherman Oaks.  Balto would get very upset, because it was dad’s responsibility to raise the motorized retractable  patio cover so that the morning sun would wake Balto, and more importantly alert Balto that it was time for his morning constitutional and breakfast.  So, when dad didn’t come home, Balto missed a meal – and there were unabated harmful UV rays (sparks actually) flying around that West Los Angeles house – even at night.

There are three things that you will find predominate Sherman Oaks.  Quiet Sunday mornings, stationary window awnings and the news stand at Van Nuys and Ventura Boulevards.  The retractable  awnings in Sherman Oaks were everywhere.  Attended Sherman Oaks Elementary School during 4th and 5th grade.  All the tents, and commercial canopies of shade at that school are well worth mentioning.  There were these gigantic parachute-looking shades that covered larges areas of the blacktop (asphalt) on which we conducted the business of recess five days a week. Those shades today are called, sail-shades Sail-shades are generally not retractable.   Well, that aforementioned undergrad caused so many distractions that the family had to move again.

Shade in the form of retractable slide-on-wire was apparently the city favorite of Fullerton Hills – possibly a close second would be retractable security shutters or Alumawood structures with retractable slide-on-wire attached to them as in the example of Lovis Restaurant in Calabasas Park which appeared at their current 91302 location much later in this fabricated tale of more than two retractable shade-covered cities.  For a while it seemed as though the family business was going to change from retractable patio covers, retractable awnings and shade to “house flipping”.  Mother got into real estate and went to a seminar thinking it was about how adding retractable shade fixtures to Calabasas homes gives them better curb-appeal and that is sometimes all it takes for a prospect to actually say, “I’ll take it!”  Parents were suddenly buying, adding shade products like retractable security shutters or motorized retractable awnings – sometimes fixed dome awnings over the door and selling them – and it seemed like every single Los Angeles or Orange County home that got flipped, got flipped with a brand-new retractable patio cover, window or door awning added to it. 

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY – Fixed Awnings Over The DIY Car Wash

                                                                         Typical San Fernando Valley style DIY Car Wash    - image courtesy of Plano Magazine

One of the homes they bought and sold in Anaheim Hills had a 35’ motorized retractable awning that not only served as a patio cover, but as a pool cover as well.  The pool man was always saying the job at that house was so much easier than other homes on his route, because that pool cover kept the leaves out of the pool and out of pool’s filter.   There was another house in the San Fernando Valley, Granada Hills maybe – it was a large home with balcony lanais on all sides of the house.  Mom added stationary dome awnings above all the balconies of that Granada Hills pad.  It looked fantastic!  It was a perfect example of how a stationary canopy or dome awning can make the entire home look more expensive.

CORONA DEL MAR – Retractable Patio Covers Where The Sunny Surf Meets The Shady Turf



Beautiful home adorned with All American Retractable Awnings, Spear Stationary Awnings, Retractable Drop-Screens and Alumawood Patio Cover


 It wasn’t long before the family income was well above average.  Another move, landed the family in Corona Del Mar.  The family was about to move into Yorba Linda, but apparently the deal in Corona Del Mar was an offer they couldn’t refuse. Yorba Linda is nicer than Corona Del Mar.  The properties in Yorba Linda are much larger on average and the yards are huge by comparison with the back-yards of the average home in Corona Del Mar.  Mother would have added retractable drop-screens, motorized retractable patio covers and retractable awnings to the Yorba Linda property if they had not chosen the home in Corona Del Mar.  The stay in Corona Del Mar didn’t last long.  There was a problem with the school system – maybe there were not enough retractable awning fabric recovers in Corona Del Mar’s school system.   Dad was a union guy by then, and he was always looking for business angle that was exclusively his own – as if it were his birth right or something.  He saw the world through a myopic lens of political leverage.  He wanted the city contract for awning repairs at every city facility.  Everything was brand new.  Every storefront on one of the busiest streets in Corona Del Mar had either a  manual retractable security shutter, a motorized retractable security shutter, a retractable awning or a stationary awning.  Most of them were motorized retractable shade coverings, but there were quite a few that were manual retractable awnings or security shutters.  When he didn’t win the contract, he got angry and moved the family.  However, as you can see from the image above, mom left the house with her usual signature - a bouquet of shady accents.

MALIBU – Retractable Awnings  Malibu - A Sea-level Retreat From All Those Hills


                                                                         Back yard Cabana - Malibu, California


Orange County, especially places like Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods and Laguna Niguel are still the kings of motorized retractable security shutters; and why not – they have a lot to protect.  After Corona Del Mar it was up the coast to Malibu.  Now, Malibu is where you find All American Awnings, Inc.  retractable shade products galore.  Even back then, Malibu was littered with commercial cabanas, pergolas, gazebos and sail shades that were being adapted for residential use.  The residential cabana in the picture is actually a commercial grade cabana. All of the businesses, just like the ones in Orange County, have been adorned with beautiful fixed window awnings, stationary dome awnings over doors, motorized retractable security shutters and retractable drop-screens blocking the afternoon Malibu sun sneaking in on the sagittal plane or the flexible retractable slide-on-wire above to afford the rays of sun in some areas while blocking it out completely in others.  The retractable patio cover in the back yard of that beautiful Malibu house was nothing short of poetic.   Sushi, more specifically, Ahi Sashimi was the favorite back in the day - still is.  Malibu was always the place to party in someone's backyard cabana.  That house appeared in a few of the Malibu Times real-estate publications just before it was sold.  The second to last childhood home was in Los Angeles, Beverly Park Estates (the other side of the tracks from down on Sunset and Doheny) and one hell of a long way from Costa Mesa.  That incredible home featured 7 bathrooms, an amazing pool, and a 25’ wide remote controlled, motorized retractable drop-screen shade on the east side of the house.  Everyone said, “wow!” when they saw that giant sun shade lowering down like a solar eclipse over the largest window you have ever seen! 

                                                                                                Pool Cabana  Beverly Park Estates

HIDDEN HILLS – Alumawood Patio Covers For The Most Expensive Neighborhood in America

                                                                              Alumawood Patio Cover   Hidden Hills, California


The final resting place for that family was Hidden Hills where virtually every house in the barn has some kind of fabricated retractable shade product attached to it.  Sail-shades also are everywhere in Hidden Hills.  Hidden Hills records some of the hottest temperature in the San Fernando Valley retractable patio covers are a must have, because the horses there need shade.  Horses also need to be outside.  Horses can’t stay in barns all day just because it’s really hot outside.  All those barn annexes in Hidden Hills have large commercial retractable canopies of shade over them for washing and grooming horses outside.  Hidden Hills is not likely to be the place where you will find retractable drop-screens or motorized retractable patio covers, but it is the place where you will find entire breeze ways covered by Sunbrella fabric, because Sunbrella fabric is durable, puncture resistant, doesn’t fade at all – continuing to look brand new for years and years in any weather. 

AGOURA HILLS – Awnings of the Agoura High Chargers

                                                                               Agoura High School  -  Agoura Hills California


Agoura Hills motorized retractable patio covers repairsretractable awning repairs and motorized retractable awning maintenance, even when the fabric is in relatively good shape, are also a great way to save money as compared with purchasing a brand-new remote controlled motorized retractable awning or retractable patio cover.  In most cases, Newport Beach motorized retractable awning repairs are completed as expeditiously as they would be in Hidden Hills, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas or right here in Agoura Hills.  All American Awnings, Inc. facilities around Los Angeles and Orange County allow us to get jobs done fast – from next day to two weeks on average.  Unfortunately, some advertised aluminum awnings are actually made of steel.  Motorized retractable awning parts and housings are also made of steel.  Steel will rust at the beach in San Clemente – hell, a steel motorized retractable patio cover near Hermosa Beach as certain as the waves will continue to crash against the Newport Coast.  Because of this fact, every awning – even those motorized retractable awnings installed by All American Awnings, Inc. are subject to corrosion.  This is why All American Awnings, Inc. customer service personnel will contact their customers periodically to assure routine maintenance is on-going, and to obviate for the potential of rust.  If it is not the neurotic propensity of All American Awnings, Inc. to maintain the highest quality manual or motorized retractable patio covers and shade products in the industry, it is certainly their prioritized adherence to the maintenance of their customers – forever.

Pasadena – High-Tech Motorized Retractable Patio Covers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory


                                                                                                      Ingenuity Mars Helicopter    - image courtesy of JPL


Pasadena, one of the oldest cities in Los Angeles County is home to the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).  JPL uses Sunbrella fabric awnings all over the campus.  The city of Pasadena, especially the exclusive community of San Marino is where you will find hundreds of commercial retractable awnings and residential retractable awnings as well.  In that way, the JPL in Pasadena  is no different than UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSB, Cal state Fullerton Hills & Pepperdine.  Colleges and universities look at the longevity of buildings and fixtures on campus as elements that should remain for the life of the school.  All American Awnings, Inc. fabricates, installs, services and guarantees the continued functionality of their shade products forever.  And like the assurance of future security provided by the JPL's, Ingenuity Mars Helicopter (pictured above), THAT is a lifetime guarantee you can count on.  Fun fact:  You can see a Jet Propulsion Laboratory  exhibit on a float on New Year's Day at the Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Retractable canvas shades of every kind are subject to the ultimate proving ground in the Orange County retractable patio covers industry.  Sure, Riverside County is much hotter than Orange County, but it’s a dry heat, and dry heat is easier on canvas than the ambient atmosphere of Orange County.  The sea-salt, hot air, sun driven ambient mixture can wreak havoc on most canvas fabrics.  Sunbrella however, is the exception to the rule.  Sunbrella fabric lasts and so does its color.  In Orange County, patio covers and retractable awnings are being repaired and recovered by All American Awnings, Inc. nearly every day. 

Retractable awning recovers are a great way to upgrade from your worn-out fabric to Sunbrella fabricAll American Awning, Inc.  will detach your existing retractable awning, fixed awning, patio cover or slide-on-wire awning from your home in Beverly Hills or in the city of Orange – it doesn’t matter where you live in southern California – take your retractable patio cover back to one of our local awning repairs facilities in either Aliso Viejo, Pasadena, Tustin or Los Angeles, completely refurbish your dilapidated awning from soup-to-nuts, deliver it back to your home or business and install it without leaving embarrassing evidence (like stucco painted in almost the right color) of shoddy work.  It will look fantastic! And your freshly repaired awning will last as long as you own your home or business – the next owner too! 


The versatility of retractable shade is the ultimate need of virtually everyone.  Someone figured it out way before the Romans perfected the first retractable patio cover during the reign of their glorious Empire.  The Romans also knew that good food, good health, good wealth, good wine and good song were of no value without the critically important addition of shade – most often referred to as, “shelter”. 

The pristine hills of southern California or an occasional dog-park full of trees are the last frontier of natural canopies of shade.  It is shade that is  created by large orchards of trees.  Towns and cities, however, like Hidden Hills, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton Hills, Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills and Laguna Hills need a company like All American awnings, Inc. to deliver and install super high quality retractable shade products that match the quality of their homes; And there 'aint nothin' but palm-trees at Malibu beach.


All of these five hill-cities have two things in common; they are very expensive places to live and the homes are covered by retractable patio covers.  You could even say the people who live there have it ”American made in the shade”.

                                                                                                                 THE END

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