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Aluminum patio awnings are an excellent choice when deciding on the proper shade solutions for your home. Here at All American Awnings, we provide you with only the highest quality awnings with the most experienced manufacturers, such as Alumawood and Duralum. Let’s find out why so many people are choosing aluminum patio awnings instead of other awning solutions. Here are the top three advantages of aluminum patio awnings.

1. Durability and Resistance

Aluminum patio covers are made from very durable natural and recycled materials and have a long-lasting finish, making them extremely resistant and able to handle even the toughest and most destructive weather conditions. They also are able to maintain their color and integrity and do not fade due to rain or sunshine. With our Alumawood and Duralum aluminum patio covers you don’t have to worry about rust, rot, or pests like you might with other wood or metal patio covers.  You can be sure that your aluminum patio covering will last and provide you and your family with maximum protection.

2. Easy to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, aluminum patio awnings are quick and simple to clean! With an Alumawood Shade Structure, you’ll enjoy the beauty of a richly textured wood grain finish with a fraction of the maintenance and upkeep of wood awnings. Unlike wood Alumawood Shade Structures don’t crack, peel, warp, or rot. They’re also termite-proof, won’t burn, and never need painting! They are an easy choice when deciding on how to protect your home from unexpected weather conditions. Our Duralum awnings have incredible surface protection, which enhances resistance to dirt and stains for easy-to-clean performance.

3. Style and Class

Our aluminum patio covers provide you with the shade you are looking for and the appearance of a wood cover, but unlike wood, they will give you a lifetime of enjoyment without having to sand, scrape and repaint every couple of years. Our Alumawood awnings come in an assortment of richly textured colors and styles so you can be satisfied that your awning matches the atmosphere of your home and patio. Our Duralum awnings also come in a range of popular styles and colors so you can create the backyard haven you’ve always dreamt of!

If you’re looking for a proper shade solution for your home, an aluminum patio awning is the right choice! Our Alumawood and Duralum aluminum patio covers are long-lasting, aesthetically beautiful, and very easy to maintain.  With our aluminum patio covers you don’t need to worry about problems with moisture, wind, termites, or other natural elements. Contact us today to get started on adding an aluminum patio cover to your backyard and creating an outside area that you will be proud of.

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